myStickyElements – simple sticky side elements

myStickyElements is simple yet very effective plugin for any WordPress theme. It is perfect to fill out usually unused side space on webpages with some additional messages, videos, social widgets … Using the myStickyElements administration backend you can add up to 10 elements, position them left or right, change vertical position, change icon img, background color, content, select click or hover effect and more …

*Adds plugin text-domain and enables language translations
* Fixed: close element on mobile devices (hover event). If hover event is selected,  click event will still be available for touchscreen devices…

*Adds short code support to plugin functionality, so now you can add contact form or anything you wish with simple shortcode pasted inside of  element content field…
* Fixed: close element on mobile devices (click event only). Click event is strongly recommended as default since it will work for mobile devices as they don’t have hover behavior…

Download myStickyElements plugin from WordPress repository

Please note that vertical positioning of elements on the same side (left or right) must be in order, if Element 1 Vertical Position is 300, E2 should be 350 or more, E3 should be 400 or more , other words E1 must be on top of E2, E2 must be on top of E3 and so on,  otherwise elements will overlap…

Screenshots of administration backend:screenshot-3screenshot-4

Thank you all for your comments, reviews, bug reporting, participation in code development and help. Hope that  you will enjoy this plugin so we can make it better together!

21 thoughts on “myStickyElements – simple sticky side elements

  1. Hello Developer,

    I like your plugin My StickyElements
    Is there a way to make those elements disabled on some pages?

    Would be really happy if you help.

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