sidebarAutomizer – equalize content and sidebar heights

This little WordPress plugin will remove last widget or widgets from sidebar if content area height is smaller than sidebar area height. This way we can prevent sidebar’s height to overgrown content height and as a result we got a equalized content and sidebar heights.

It’s based on java script that will remove last widget from sidebar while sidebar height is higher than content height. Settings are localized and by default work with Twenty Thirteen theme. Plugin unique settings approach to choose css class for content and sidebar allow us to set it up and use on any theme, and possibly in different ways that was originally meant to be used.

To access plugin settings go to Dashboard / Settings / sidebarAutomizer

There are four setting fields:
Content Class or ID
Sidebar Class or ID
Add extra height to Sidebar
Define Element to remove

Default settings works in Twenty Thirteen theme, for other themes you will need to define content and sidebar class or id and define element to remove.

Content Class or ID
This must be content class or ID which will define max height for your sidebar area.

Sidebar Class or ID
Class or ID of the sidebar element that contains widgets.

Add extra height to Sidebar
In some cases you want your sidebar a bit higher than content. if that’s the case add number of pixels here.

Define Element to remove
It can be aside, div, or whatever element that your theme uses to display single widget. Wrong setting can cause unresponsive script behavior in front end.

sidebarAutomizer settings

All settings are required except Add extra height to Sidebar.

The logic behind this plugin is very simple and effective: while sidebar height > content height + extra height => remove last widget.

Download sidebarAutomizer from WordPress repository

4 thoughts on “sidebarAutomizer – equalize content and sidebar heights

  1. Hi there,

    This would be amazing, but I have a problem with it removing the maps from the [codepeople-post-map] function that I use. Is there any way for me to tell the plug-in to only remove asides from the sidebar which it is adjusting the height of?


  2. Can somebody help me here? I really would love to use this plugin, but if there is no support it won’t work.

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