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myStickymenu – Extended style functionality using .myfixed sticky class

myStickymenu is based on javascript which will add .myfixed css class to any predefined element class after scroll by default. For example with default .navbar class:

<div id="navbar" class="navbar"></div>

will become

<div id="navbar" class="navbar myfixed"></div>

after scroll.

This way we can have custom css style for sticky (.myfixed) class, and we are using only existing elements from the page
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How to create Twentythirteen child theme for WordPress

Proper way to start with wordpress is by creating your own child theme. I found default Twentythirteen WordPress theme is very handy and easy to setup, so it will be a shame to loose any changes made after every update. Don’t ignore updates, it’s very important to be up to date. The only proper way and secure way is to create child theme.

So navigate to wp-content/themes and create new folder called twentythirteen-child.
Here you will add your custom css style and any file that you want to change from default theme (just copy original file from twentythirteen that you want to edit and change). You can copy any file except functions.php. Dont duplicate this file. Instead if you want to change functions.php create your own file in twentythirteen-child folder and add all your functions there. Continue reading How to create Twentythirteen child theme for WordPress

WordPress 3.8.1 – things to do

So, this will be my little guide, mostly for myself (if I did smth wront please let me know 🙂 ), to have a better control over some usual wordpress, not bugs, but let’s say things to do to make it better, more SEO friendly and secure…

First of all, I ussually remove meta generator tag, rsd link, wlwmanifest link and all rss rel and feed links from header. To do this I found out that the best way is to edit your child theme functions.php file, if you dont have child theme you will need to create it yourself. Continue reading WordPress 3.8.1 – things to do