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How to remove category base url from WordPress

This was mind bugling for me for some time now, every method I tried gave me some kind of error such as broken child category or broken pagination. But at the end I found out the simple solution without of adding any Plugin or editing .htaccess file… To make this work you will need to create the page (in wp dashboard) and page template for every category (this will add possibility of custom category template for each individual category as well). Continue reading How to remove category base url from WordPress

The beginner’s Guide on How to Start a Blog

I will not made another tutorial, don’t be scared! This time I would like to represent you something that every beginner blogger should read before start, mostly because it will shorten long way to successful and visited blog and help you not to do stupid mistakes and make it evenΒ  longer (I made it thousands, so maybe not best person to tell you that, but fortunately you learn on mistakes as well).Β  Anyway I’mΒ  a more Programmer than a Blogger so read what experts say. Continue reading The beginner’s Guide on How to Start a Blog

sliderCat wordpress slider

sliderCat, Responsive shortcode slideshow

Simple responsive shortcode slideshow based on popular FlexSlider with powerful css3 animations and bunch of options.

Plugin is built using WordPress custom post type and custom taxonomy to store slideshows, individual slides and their settings. Featured images are used as Slide images, Title and Content Boxes are used like an animated objects. Tag slugs are used as categories to group slides into separated slideshows and than show them with shortcode in content.
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