WP Sticky Sidebar – Fixed Sidebar for any WordPress Theme

Plugin is sold, so I will no longer provide support here… Thank You

Plugin glues your website’s sidebar, making it permanently visible while scrolling.
Sticky sidebar plugin will work out of box with some themes which use “#secondary” element id for sidebar such as: Twenty Seventeen, Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Twelve, Total, Flat Bootstrap, Bolid Theme and many more…

By default, plugin use “#secondary” element id under “Sticky Class” setting field and that should be modified for different themes to make it work. Don’t forget this, it’s a mandatory field.

Plugin is localized (multi language support) and responsive (as far as your theme is). Advancement of this simple plugin is that increases usability of WordPress site since sidebar is visible most of the time.

Plugin Options:

Sticky Class: CSS class or id of the sidebar element desired to be sticky. Defaults to “#secondary”. This is mandatory field and it must be filled!
Container Class: Container element class or id. If left blank script will try to guess. It must be element that contains both sidebar and content. Usually it’s #main or #main-content or #primary. Mostly this parameter is not needed for majority of themes.
Additional Top Margin: An additional top margin in pixels. Defaults to 90.
Additional Bottom Margin: An additional bottom margin in pixels. Defaults to 0.
Disable sticky sidebar if screen width is smaller than desired number of pixels. It disables script on mobiles or any device which screen is not wide as entered number of pixels.
Update sidebar height Troubleshooting option, try this if your sidebar loses its background color…
Disable sticky sidebar at: front page, blog page, pages, posts, categories, tags, archives
Enable for specific posts and pages if previously disabled site wide.

…. and more cool options will be available soon …

Plugin demo is visible here on this website with Twenty Thirteen child theme installed, as you can see sidebar sticks while scrolled (on bigger resolutions, not for small screens as mobiles).

Plugin integrates magnificent Theia Sticky Sidebar v1.5.0 javascript code (Released under the MIT license, Copyright 2013-2016 WeCodePixels and other contributors) with WordPress… More about this script as well as some documentation can be found at https://github.com/WeCodePixels/theia-sticky-sidebar

WP Sticky Sidebar is compatible with sidebarAutomizer, plugin I wrote earlier, which equalize height of the sidebar with height of the content if set properly. You can use this two plugins in a combination if you have a lot of widgets which suite for long posts, and to hide them on a posts with little or no content…

To use this plugin with Twenty Thirteen theme:
Sticky Class:  .sidebar-inner > .widget-area
Container Class (parent div): #main

Twenty Ten theme:
Sticky Class: #primary

UPDATE 1.2.2

Add options: Disable at: front page, blog page, pages, posts, categories, tags, archives
Add options: Enable for specific posts and pages if previously disabled.

UPDATE 1.2.1

Add options: disable if screen size is smaller than entered number of pixels


Update script: Theia sticky menu v1.7.0
Add options: additional margin bottom + update sidebar height


Fix: Notice: Undefined index: myfixedside_disable_small_screen

Download from WordPress

41 thoughts on “WP Sticky Sidebar – Fixed Sidebar for any WordPress Theme

  1. Is there a way to add two different classes or IDs?

    I have a part of my site where the sidebar is #secondary and another part where it is .wpforo-right-sidebar

    I can not figure out how to add them both.

  2. Hello sir,

    Please help me to find out my container class and sticky class. I am not able to find it on my WordPress theme.

    Theme I am using is Schema Lite

    My site: Top10talks.com

  3. Hi Murdah,

    Any chance I could get some help identifying what to enter in the sticky class and container class fields?

    I’ve tried several combinations of using both fields or using one and trying different classes and IDs and I cannot get my sidebar to stick.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

  4. Hello sir,

    I am trying to use it but I am unable to find my sticky class and container class.

    I am using schema lite theme in WordPress.

    Can you please help me with this to find sticky and container class?

    My website is top10talks.com

    Thanks in advance


  5. How about, first of all, good plugin; but I have a problem, when you get to the other part of the footer, the side panel overlaps it, in the part of the additional lower margin, he puts 100 px and still the problem is not solved.

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