Disable CSS style in myStickymenu options

As some of you probably already noticed, there is a new option in latest version of myStickymenu plugin v1.8.1. I added this option because of site optimization, in case that you want all your CSS code inside of a single file, to achieve faster loading speeds.

To use this advanced option, some CSS is need to be added into your theme style.css file. Code you need will be generated in head element by the plugin. You should set up your desired style settings in plugin options first, since this is the code that will be generated. After you Enable “Disable CSS” option all style settings will be overridden by CSS, so you will not be able to change background color in plugin settings for example, you will need to do it in CSS style.

Simplest way to find and see CSS code that you will need is to use Firefox or Chrome, right click on the page with working myStickymenu on it and select “View page source”. So look in the header section of the code and search for myStickymenu style inside, it should look similar to this:

Copy this CSS code (everything inside style) and put it to your style.css somewhere at the end of file. Customize it furthermore to suite your needs.

Now you can Enable “Disable CSS” option in plugin settings, and plugin should use CSS style from the style.css file instead generating it in the head…

2 thoughts on “Disable CSS style in myStickymenu options

  1. Hi, I’m using mystickymenu and it’s working very well except the fact that the defined backgound is not showing up on mobile devices (apple and samsung phone tested). Have you heard already about it, or am I doing something wrong during configuration?
    Thanks for your help,

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