myStickymenu v2.0 is out!

I’m happy to announce that new myStickymenu v 2.0 is out!

myStickymenu v2.0.

Lot of things has changed since v1.9.1:

* Added: Settings grouped in tabs (General Settings, Style and Advanced).
* Added: If Make visible on Scroll is set to 0 automatic activation and deactivation scroll height will be used (useful for responsive designs).
* Added: option to disable on scroll down (show only on scroll up).
* Added: Class .up and .down on scroll up or down.
* Added: Reset to default settings.
* Fixed: If sticky menu class does not exist (null or undefined), it will show console log instead of error.
* Fixed: slide effect now slides on deactivate as well.
* Fixed: admin bar overlap for screens less than 600 px wide.
* Fixed: mobile blinking while screen resized by browsers top menu.

Tabbed settings

Settings are grouped into three tabs, General Settings, Style and Advanced.

Automatic activation

This new option will be activated if “Make visible on scroll” option is set to 0. 0 is used as default setting for all new installations.

With this option fade effect will behave as push, when sticky menu hit browser top it will start to push it down, and when deactivated, menu will fit to its original position. This will work good only when initial menu is same as sticky menu, otherwise transition will not be smooth.

Slide effect will work after, when menu is scrolled out of browsers top view so it can be used in both cases, when initial menu is same or different as sticky menu.

Disable on scroll down

This new option disables sticky menu on scroll down, its showed  only when scroll up. Used with automatic activation it behave as slide in on scroll up and fit into position

Up and Down classes

Menu can be styled different on scroll down or up. Class .up is added on scroll up,  and .down is added on scroll down. Use “CSS Style” field to style it as you wish (#mysticky-nav.wrapfixed.up or  #mysticky-nav.wrapfixed.down).

Reset to default settings

It will reset settings to defaults, write down your previous settings before using this option unless it’s a new install.

4 thoughts on “myStickymenu v2.0 is out!

  1. Love your plugin, but I’m having two issues

    1) I can’t seem to change the background of the menu (I don’t have the simple color changing option that you have in your example) and
    2) When the menu appears, it moves the rest of the page down and isn’t very smooth.

    I’m using the WPOcean plugin and have updated the mystickymenu plugin to 2.0

    1. 1) Version 2.0.3 fixes the background color issue.

      2) In some cases if menu moves the page down you should add additional CSS to plugins CSS Style box. Code is as follows:

      #mysticky-wrap {
      max-height: 0px;

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